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Today, our season begins…

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the hundreds of people that affect Bradninch FC. From every single one of the opposition players we’ll play against this season, to the referees that keep us in check on a Saturday afternoon!

The kitchen staff that always go above and beyond to make sure we’ve got something to snack on after a tough game. The coaches that turn up half an hour before training just to set up the cones. The groundsmen, because without someone taking care of our pitch, we wouldn’t be able to even kick a ball on the weekend!

Our sponsors who have supported us financially across many seasons, supplying kit and much needed essentials so we can get the best out of our game. The committee, who keep everything ticking along, despite the relentless pressure and challenges that crop during the year!

The captains, the players, the managers. The list goes on…

But most importantly is you, our supporters! Thank you for turning up to watch us, to comment on our posts when a result didn’t go the right way, for sharing our stories when we’ve needed a helping hand!

Hopefully we can do you all proud this season!


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