Bradninch Town v Witheridge III REVIEW



Bradninch Town – Vincent, Sims, Foster, Birley, Wright, Skinner, Buxton, Buxton, Wright, Leaney, Acton. SUBS: King, Cottrell.

Witheridge – Ford, Hamill, Leat, Leat, Milton, Moyes, Parkhouse, Payne, Babatunde, Summers, Vigus. SUBS: Cole.


Looking to bounce back from the previous weekends defeat at the hands of Westexe, Murray was no doubt feeling confident yet wary of a strong, competitive Witheridge side.

It was the visitors who came out the blocks the quicker, quite considerably so, as Murray’s men soon found themselves two goals behind to the energetic Witheridge outfit. Some shoddy defending and lack of communication was the ultimate reason why Town conceded two similar goals so early on and immediately found themselves chasing the game.

Despite a poor twenty minutes, the character that Town demonstrated on so many occasions last season, was soon to be shown again as a beautifully crafted finish from captain Zack Skinner allowed the Ninch a way back into the game.

Soon after, wide man Matt Leaney found himself in the right place to tap in the ball after the keeper parried a Skinner strike straight into his path.

Murray’s side clearly started to tighten up and began to play some attractive football, creating more chances whilst also keeping the opposition at bay and the problems that forward Babatunde had caused the Ninch back line earlier in the half.

Approaching the break, Town finally capitalised on some more good attacking play and the in-form striker Eliot Acton was there to strike home in the box to put the hosts ahead. So despite a slow start, the character and quality Town demonstrated led to a fantastic turn around resulting in them being ahead at the interval.

The two sides came out after the break and what was an open first part of the game, soon became a well controlled match and the midfield of Bradninch began to run the game whilst a now well-organised back line kept any Witheridge threat at bay.

However, this wasn’t to last particularly long as the visitors soon broke through over the top and stuck the ball past a helpless James Vincent. This led to a change of personnel as Murray introduced John King to the field.

Soon after this change, some wonderful play from Town resulted in the ball being played out from the back, into the path of Owen Buxton who played a beautiful cross-field pass out wide to Cam Wright. The ball was then delivered towards the newly introduced King, who struck home cleverly to put the hosts back ahead.

Again, Town began to control the game up until the referee awarded a free kick against the hosts and the ball was rifled into the box before the Witheridge man struck a well-timed volley towards the home keeper Vincent, who couldn’t hold onto the ball and saw it trickle over the line.

A game of eight goals, exteme entertainment but ultimately some laxidazical defending and simple errors which overall resulted in Murray’s men just scraping a point.

Next up for the Town, they travel to Exeter United where they will know a difficult task of claiming victory awaits.



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